DIY Pulp Mags!

Awwww yeeeeah. Lulu comes through for AlexeyNerd in a big way!

This is the result of my obsession with pulp stories and the magazines they first appeared in (as well as my displeasure with e-reading in general). My first two privately published pulp mags!

To be fair, they aren't exact replicas. They lack the old-timey ads and cool typeface, as well as the essential pulp paper. But they are nonetheless the raddest thing I've made on Lulu in some time. Each contains about 8-10 stories from the respective mag (Weird Tales and its sister rag, Oriental Stories), including the cover stories. The contents lean heavily toward Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, and H.P. Lovecraft, but there are also some nice ones from Seabury Quinn, Otis A. Kline, and other well-known pulpists. I'm looking forward, with great delight, to reading through most of these great stories for the first time--in a format just a bit closer to the original.


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