The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Next up is a favorite of mine, dear readers! First published as a chapbook in 1936, the original printing of The Shadow Over Innsmouth, by H.P. Lovecraft, reportedly contained so many errors that an errata sheet had to be included in each copy. Six years later it graced the pages of Weird Tales twice: first in the January issue of the US edition, and then as the cover story for the May issue of the Canadian edition.

Reading it as a teenager, I remember vividly the feeling of being drawn into the momentum of this tale. What begins with a casual interest, a prick of curiosity, builds slowly until you feel as though you aren't actually reading, but being pulled along toward the gut-wrenching conclusion (perhaps by some supremely powerful deep-sea current!), whether you like it or not.

Pack your snorkels as we embark on an investigation of...


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